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Toiuru Māori Treasures

Hine Āio

Hine Āio

Mauri tau, Mauri mārie, Mauria mai i a Hine Āio

Within the grace of calm and tranquility, there is peace.  Acknowledging her graceful nature.

Pari (bodice) is made out of 5.4% Wool, 5.45 Nylon, 10.8% Polyester, 78.4% Acrylic with 100% cotton interior lining.

Panekoti (skirt with tulle) is made out of 100% Polyester with 100% Cotton interior lining. 

Bodice =  170mm body mid length x 660mm opened out

Straps (x2) = 490mm long x 20mm wide

Underskirt = 360mm hip down 

Tulle = 340mm hip down 

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